Baserange Mississippi Bodysuit Haptic


Brand: Baserange

Condition: New with tag

Material: Bamboo

Baserange’s bamboo is sourced from a private and durable plantation-certified FSC. No chemical product is used on the plantation.

Yarns are certified Oeko-tex: they are safe and not toxic to humans. However, to avoid the potential damage by chemicals used in the viscose process, Baserange is now working on changing our previous Bamboo “viscose” into Bamboo “lyocell.” This new fibers has the same positive qualities as viscose, as it is derived from the fast-growing bamboo plant, but the process of rendering it into textile fibers is done using non-harmful chemicals. The process is done with a closed loop, which ensures no rejection of chemicals at all.

The Bamboo lyocell is currently recognized as the most sustainable fiber in the textile industry. The prices of our bamboo products might increase a bit, but we believe this change is essential.




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